What Is Forum?

Welcome to Forum, the companion site of the Covenant Quarterly, the ministerial journal of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Published through North Park Theological Seminary with the support of Covenant Publications and the Covenant Ministerium, the Covenant Quarterly has been published since 1941 and published online since 2015. In conjunction with the Covenant Quarterly, this site exists to foster dialogue around relevant pastoral and theological issues.

Forum provides a place for Covenant clergy, and other interested readers, to dialogue about theological issues raised in Covenant Quarterly articles. It is a space for creative thinking, hard questions, open conversation, and exchange of ideas regarding how our theology affects our ministerial practice, and vice versa.

Forum posts are published in conjunction with journal issues, each February, May, August, and November, with new posts every Tuesday. Posts either introduce journal content or host conversation it generates.

We invite you to be part of this ongoing conversation. 

(See also, “Who Is Forum?” and “Collaborate on Forum.”)

Hauna Ondrey