Collaborate on Forum

Welcome to the Forum. In conjunction with the Covenant Quarterly, this site exists to foster dialogue around relevant pastoral and theological issues.

That is to say, the purpose of this site extends beyond learning from individual contributors – though we do hope such learning will happen. The preeminent purpose of Forum is to learn from one another. Collaboration through shared insights, counterpoints, experiences, and questions facilitates our collective growth in wisdom and love of God and neighbor.

We invite you to collaborate with us. Here are some ways to begin:

  • Join the conversation. Forum posts are intentionally dialogical. Do you have a question for the author? A counterpoint or relevant experience that will move the conversation forward? Share these in the comments section.
  • Write for us. Do you want to respond formally to a Quarterly article? Do you have insight to share with fellow clergy regarding how a given topic impacts your ministry? We welcome you to get in touch to discuss contributing to Forum. You’ll find simple guidelines and upcoming themes here.
  • Share your feedback. Our mission is to to foster theological reflection on ministerial praxis in service to clergy. Let us know how can we best pursue this mission. Are there topics that call for engagement? Do you have ideas for post types? Let us know.
  • Suggest a contributor. Productive dialogue is only possible if participants have a diversity of perspectives. Who does the church need to hear from? Introduce us – and the larger church – to wise voices, on upcoming topics or other relevant topics.

Forum is a conversation; enrich it with your participation.

Hauna Ondrey