This site is no longer active but preserves content published between 2015 and 2019 in conjunction with Covenant Quarterly issues 73:2-76:2.

Welcome to the FORUM. In conjunction with the Covenant Quarterly, this site offers a space for dialogue around relevant pastoral and theological issues. We seek to facilitate the resourcing, encouragement, and growth of Christ’s church by

  • Publishing quality content from the diverse voices of the Evangelical Covenant Church and beyond;
  • Hosting rigorous, generous dialogue;
  • Offering resources for further engagement.


Through its publications, the Covenant Quarterly fosters theological reflection on ministerial praxis in service to pastors of the Evangelical Covenant Church and the broader Church.


  • Balance: We seek to bring the full spectrum of Covenant voices into dialogue;
  • Rigor: We speak after considered thought and through argumentation; our purpose is constructive dialogue, not the assertion of opinions;
  • Generosity: We give each other’s words the best interpretation; our purpose is charitable dialogue, not divisiveness;
  • Freedom: We celebrate Covenant freedom in non-essentials, within our commitment to Scripture’s authority and to one another.